Benefit changes in a nutshell


coin in a nutshellIf you claim benefits, you are likely to be affected this year. It’s important to act FAST pdf 65KB because if you wait, you may have to manage with less money; and if you go into arrears, you could lose your home.

Preparing for the changes may mean you avoid losing money and even if your benefits do go down, we may be able to help you manage. Complete our welfare questionnaire [pdf] 60KB* to help us assess the impact the changes are having and offer you tailored support.


*This is an editable form, which you can either save to your device, complete and email or print and post to us.



The new rules

‘Bedroom tax’
If you claim housing benefit and have more bedrooms than you need on a regular basis, you will lose money. Read more under the Under-occupancy charge (bedroom tax) page.

Benefit Cap
Benefits will now be capped at £500 per week for couples and single parents, and £350 per week for single people without children. Read more under the Benefit Cap page.

Universal Credit
The government has brought together a number of different benefits into a single payment. Read more under the Universal Credit page.

Direct payments
Soon all your money, including housing benefit, will be paid to you direct, so it will be your responsibility to manage your money and pay your rent. There’s more on the direct payments page. 

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