red triangle with asbestos words insideAsbestos is a natural occurring mineral (silicate) consisting of many small fibres found in rock. Due to its characteristics of being strong, flexible and resistant to heat and chemicals it was widely used in the past as an addition to building materials to make them stronger or to achieve greater fire resistance.

The use of asbestos in construction is now prohibited. However, if your property was built or refurbished prior to 2000, it is possible that some form of asbestos-containing material may be present.

Asbestos only becomes a risk to health when the fibres become airborne and they will only generally be released into the air if the material is drilled, sanded, cut or broken. It could also occur if the material is in a poor or damaged condition. 

When asbestos-containing materials are in a good condition they do not pose a risk to health. However, if you come across any damaged asbestos in your property do not attempt to repair or clean the area yourself. Please contact us on 01733 347135 as soon as possible and we will arrange for remedial action to be taken.

The rest of this page covers carrying out DIY in the home and what we will do if asbestos-containing material is found in your home.

Asbestos register
We hold a register for our properties where an asbestos survey has been completed. This register is continuously updated as we carry out further surveys and as part of any planned major works. 

What if asbestos is found in my home?
If as part of our survey asbestos-containing material is found we will do one of the following:

  • If the type, location and condition of the asbestos is considered a high risk, we will immediately arrange removal of the material
  • If the type, location and condition of the asbestos is considered a much lower risk, we may decide not to remove it 

We will record all information relating to the location, type and condition of the asbestos-containing material and we will monitor its condition. We may also plan to remove or seal the asbestos to prevent the release of fibres as part of a planned programme.

DIY in the home
You should contact us before carrying out any major improvements so we can approve these works and assist you, if required, in checking for asbestos-containing materials. Please note that if the alterations are of your own undertaking any costs incurred in the removal of asbestos will be your responsibility.

When carrying out minor improvements please exercise caution. Before drilling or screwing fixings into walls check for asbestos board. Some older types of textured coatings (aertex) are known to contain asbestos so never attempt to remove these coatings especially with the use of power tools. See our DIY in the home page for further information.

Contact information

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